Eddie Oshodi

Eddie Oshodi is a defender for Hendon and is 28 years old. As a young player he emerged from the Watford academy but was unable to breakthrough and played for Forest Green Rovers before retiring from professional football in 2015. Since then he has played for local clubs in non league football and signed with Hendon in December 2019 and was captain of the side when we spoke to him after their game against Hartley Wintney.

What made you want to join Hendon?

I had finished my degree and was working for the NHS. Then Lee (Hendon manager) texted me out of nowhere. I had been thinking to get back into football so it was perfect for me. I was invited to the next training season and it all worked out from there. The players here are great here at Hendon and I love working with him (Lee-Hendon manager) as much as the other players too.

You started at Watford a fair few years ago, how did academy system help you future life?

It was a long time ago when i was at Watford, but i’d have changed things on and off the pitch from what i know now. But I stepped into the real world and that was a change having come from an academy setup.

Can clubs do more for clubs when young players are released?

Clubs have so much funding and can use this for players who won’t make it, by funding courses and interacting with the real world. A lot of players think they will make it and then the bubble bursts and they lose their identity and are lost. There needs to be more support so people don’t fall through the net. 

What has been your best moment in Football?

Playing for Forest Green against Bristol Rovers,with over 10,000 people there. 

Who is your Best friend in football?

Marvin Sordell

What are your aims while at Hendon?

Our aim is to get into the playoffs this season and with the manager with our tactics and how we prepare we should achieve it. 

How was the club in terms of support of mental health and fitness during lockdowns?

It was great, we had really good communication from Lee and others. Just to check if we were ok. A lot would just wait and check at training, so it meant a lot. 

Can clubs do more for MH and fitness?

A lot of clubs talk about community hub’s, then they should open it up for other events such as Irish Dancing and players should work more with the community.

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