Harefield United-Jason Shaw

Harefield United were formed in 1868 and are the oldest club in Middlesex. The club has played in a variety of leagues, but has mostly featured in the Isthmian and Spartan league’s since the 1960’s. Current manager Jason Shaw became manager of the club in 2015.

You were sitting in 15th when the season finished for COVID-19, do you think you would have finished higher if the season had finished

Yes, because just as the season got ended we had 2 players returning from Injury who had been out for 2 months- Sean Mangan and Richard Paquette.

How long have you been in charge now?

This is my 6th season in charge, i have been impressed by the amount of players we have brought through from the youth side to the first team, i have bought 4 or 5 players through during my time and have another 4 older players in the 1st team that have come through the youth system

What are the team’s targets for the season

Not a specific target, but just to better themselves from last season, so this would be more clean sheats or more goals, but they tend to set this themselves rather than me. 

Any positions you are looking to strengthen?

I am looking at bolstering out attacking options, i only have 3 strikers but i would like to improve this if the right player comes along

Who do you think will be strong in the league this season?

Colney Heath,Tring & Newport Pagnell will be strong this season i believe if they have kept the players from the previous seasons.

Any news on your PSF’s?

Today is our first pre-season friendly, we have Hanwell and then Flackwell Heath, we then play neighbours Northwood and Colliers Wood. 

Any comings/goings?

Too early to say, no one has gone so far, but always on the look out for the right players to.improve the squad

Do you think the FA were right to void all leagues below Step 2?

I think that it should have been across the board in my opinion.

How will non leagues have changed due to COVID-19?

I can’t see any positives from COVID-19, only negatives as players can’t celebrate goals and interact as normal.

What opposition are you looking forward to/ looking to avoid this season?

Colney heath were strong last year, so if they have kept the same players playing them will give me a good marker to see if we have improved 

Best moment in management

Going the season unbeaten in the 18-19 season, playing 38 games, 36 wins, drawing 2 games and no loses

Best player you have managed against

When we played Evesham last year, their striker who played against us and scored 2 goals, was very good and quick. If you took him out there side I think we could have got a result, we only lost 2-1

What manager/coach do you admire the most?

I like the work Poch did at Spurs bringing through youth players like Kane and Winks etc. Also Jurgen klopp who has been given time, to bring in his own style and players and now look at him. 

Did you watch anything during lockdown to help 

I watched the Michael Jordan documentary on how you interact with your teammates.

Managing your team during lockdown fitness/mental health?

Mental health is hard as you can’t see it, but the players had the fitness and were regularly doing 5ks and i think coming back to pre-season they are the fitness since i have been in charge.

What are the clubs plans for the next 3-5 years?

We want to get to where Hanwell and Welwyn are, but with this you need finances and with the club having been shut for 4 months, this has been a considerable loss of finances and we have to start again.  The loss of finances affected the ground developments and boosting the playing budget for this season

How does the club plan to work with the community post COVID-19

Until the community can come to the club again day in day out, we won’t fully recover and without this I dont see how we can move forward.

Who do you think will win the league this year?

I think it will be either Colney Heath, Biggleswade, Tring or Newport Pagnell. But who knows we might get ourselves in the mix

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