Ciprian Pintilie

We spoke in Pre-season about the challenge this season, how has it been?
It has been very hard because I had to stay focused on making sure the club spends as less as possible and without money it is difficult to get some sort of commitment from the players. We have a great group of 14-18 players that I can rely on game in game out and understand the vision for the next 5 years.

You sit 13th in the table, Are you targeting a top 10 finish?
When you start from scratch it’s difficult to keep up with the clubs which have a solid structure, that have been build over many years. We still believe that we can achieve top 10 or even top 6 by the end of the season.

Can you tell us about the club’s plan for a youth section?

This is something that we are very proud of and a lot of work has been done behind closed doors by Dee,Julia and I. We will create a path for players to join our 1st team and help them develop their abilities and become great footballers. I can’t reveal too much just yet because we are in the phase of discussing and planing all the details to make it possible.We want to have 3 youth teams by end of 2020. Hillingdon Borough has always created players to the top level and we would like to continue to create an environment for players to fully develop their abilities and skills as professional football players. 

Have you been impressed with Ash Hunt and his 19 goals so far this season?

Ash is an amazing player and I don’t think he will be with us for too long. The way he deals with the ball in the 18 years box and how clinical he is in the box it’s absolutely unbelievable. Ash is the kind of player that if he has 5 chances he will score 4.The team has been a great part of his achievement showing that he is a great team player. 

Who has been the hardest game of the season so far?

New Salamis FC from 4-1 down at half time the game finished 4-4. 

What oppoisition player has impressed you so far this season?

One of the New Salamis wingers. In our both games against them he has done wonders.

What new challenges have you experienced as a coach this season?
Losing games because of our mistakes not losing because the other teams were better.

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