Fergus Moore

Hi Fergus, last year you finished 13th and so far this season you are a few positions behind. Where do you think the club can finish this season?

Im only in my 3rd year but my expectations are to finish as high as we can!At the moment we are underachieving big time!!I still have a target to finish in the top 10!! That may not seem ambitious to people but trust me with a zero budget it is the most realistic expectation for clubs in our financial position!

Who has been the hardest game of the season so far?

Unfortunately we have been on the wrong end of the majority of results this season!Saying that we have been competitive for most of the majority of games!Not scoring enough goals has been our major problem! Teams that have  a proven goalscorer/s are the teams that generally win the league!That’s why teams like tring and colney Heath will end up near the top!Both have got experience and major goal threats and beat us comprehensively as they were clinical    and took their chances when they came!

What opposition player has impressed you so far this season?

Danny Webb and Ben Pattie of Leighton town were on fire the day we played them!They beat us 4-2 and they scored 2x goals each! They linked up well and caused us all sorts of problems!No surprise that Leighton have gone on a good run due to the fine form of their 2 strikers!

What new challenges have you experienced as a coach this season?

Obviously the main challenges I have come across this season is a long run of games without winning!!!I’ve never experienced such a losing run in all my years as a player either!We just one our 1st game in 2 and a half months with a win v Wembley on Saturday!!! That came as a huge relief I can tell you that in no uncertain terms!!They have been very testing times indeed! Trying to motivate players when they are short of confidence is very challenging!! It’s made even harder if I’m at my lowest ebb as well!!Keeping positive when nothing is going for you without giving out negative vibes isn’t easy!!In times like that you can only preach that hard work, sticking together and giving nothing less than 100% will reap rewards! Eventually it did!Nothing in my football career has been as challenging as this recent chapter! May it never happen again!!!!

Adam Page has been your top scorer with 6 goals, why has the team struggled for goals?

Goalscoring shouldn’t be just the job of the main forwards!Adam page leads our scorers at moment!This is “pageys” first year at this level so it is very much a work in progress regards to him!He leads our line very well with great work rate and commitment!I can’t ask much more from him as he is still learning the level and will only get better!We need more goals from our wide attacking players and midfielders!It hasn’t helped that we have chopped and changed our formation but scoring goals when we have been on top in games has been crucial in our lack of wins!Also making use of our set plays is another area that we can improve our goals for column!

How important are your older players like Scott McGleish to develop and mentor the younger players?

Experience is vital at this level and even more so for us as we are a young side! Scott Mcgleish and Mark Burgess are the main experienced bodies in our camp!Burgo has been with us for a couple of years and his determinant never give up spirit has a great effect on our team!Scott has only been with us for a couple of games but he has also had a huge impact on us already!His enthusiasm and his quality of play  has helped rekindle the confidence of most of our players!!Both he and burgo not only play but mentor the players and feed the lads information that will help them become winners!!Scott just recently scored for us and it was noted that it was 26 years between that and his last goal for edgware!!A fantastic example to not only my lads but all aspiring young players out there!Players and people like Scott and burgo are a credit to themselves and don’t realise what effect they have on the players around them! Makes my difficult job a lot easier having these guys in and around the changing room!Long may it continue!!

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