Scott Dash-Northwood

Next up is Scott Dash currently manager of Northwood FC at step 4 in non league football. Scott lead the team to a 10th place finish last season after being appointed manager in December 2018. Can he lead Northwood to a play off place or higher next season?

What made you want to become a manager?
I became a manager due to my football career being cut short by three knee operations 

How have you developed over your time as a manger? 

 Would say my understanding of the game at different levels has got better each year and with the game changing all the time u must keep on top of it 

What are the greatest challenges for a manager these days? Social media?

Players mentalities for me as i feel this has changed so much over the years due to there being alot more available for them and yes social media  can be an issue but it also is a big part of the game now 

What other leagues/countries football do you study to develop your coaching.

Being a football lover i watch football from most countries and with access through all forms of media now days there is always something to watch 

What has been your greatest moment as a manager?

Couple that stand out would be taking leverstock green 18s to the youth fa cup 1st round proper at southend and beating stevenage in the herts senior cup with the first team to date 

What has been the lowest moment?

Not had to many but losing to ashford Middlesex in the cup semi final the way we did was not a good feeling this season just gone with Northwood 

What do you think the biggest issues are affecting non-league football these days?

Money its all that dominates the game from the lowest to the highest 

Who is the best player you have played with or coached?

Played with Jerome Thomas ex arsenal charlton  and palace winger 

Do you think the FA should subside the cost of coaching badges?

At the lower levels yes as some are not as privilege than others yet they get it all paid for as it seems less u earn more u pay 

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