Ian Bates- Wembley FC

What made you want to become a manager?

I was unfortunately offered the job at 33. Wembley had a terrible start to a season with 3 points from 13 games and I went to training a player and left as manager.

How have you developed over your time as a manager?

Player manager is hard to do, so you have to have the right person that thinks and acts how you would on the sideline. I was fortunate to work with a few, but George Green was my right hand man for 10 years and unfortunately he is no longer with us, but we developed together. The only thing I will ever tell a young manager is always go with your gut instincts and learn from all your mistakes and always enjoy what you do.

What are the greatest challenges for a manager these days? Social media?

Read it and don’t write it.

What other leagues/countries football do you study to develop your coaching.

The ball can be played from A to Z but I want to watch the whole alphabet. Like a magpie if I can steal little things that I see, read, watch experience and adapt it to our team to be better I will absorb anything football.

What has been your greatest moment as a manager?

I would say getting the team to playing to a style now accustomed to when you play a Wembley team.

What has been the lowest moment?

Letting go of lions you have played and worked with for years.

What do you think the biggest issues are affecting non-league football these days?

The playing field is not level.

Who is the best player you have played with or coached?

Player played with Claudio Caniggia

Player managed class of 06 and yassine femi- Gil

Do you think the FA should subside the cost of coaching badges?

Yes and higher badges should not be exclusive to higher level only

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